Friday, February 5, 2010

5 February Mission - Day 35

Today's challenge is to sort through your books - you don't have to do them all, just one shelf at a time. ..

Are there books you've read, liked, but haven't re-read?
Are there books you've started, got bored with, and don't feel motivated to finish?
Are there books you've bought, and wonder why?
Are there reference books that are out of date, or refer to interests you've had, or courses you've done but are no longer relevant?
Are there books you've "out grown" as your tastes have changed?

It's time to move them on.

Some of my favourite ways of doing this (links go to my homepage if I'm on the site)


ReadItSwapIt (although of course, you get one book back for every one you swap - but it does mean you don't buy any more books!)

GreenMetropolis (sell your books, and plant trees too!) (I'm lindenbooks there)

and of course, Bookcrossing

Other places to give your books away:


Your local hospital, school or playgroup (our library has a collection point for books to be donated to our hospitals)

Charity shop (although some are picky, and ditch many donations - anecdotally, Oxfam are prone to this)

(If you want to know, I've got over 400 books I'm going to be getting rid of ...)

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