Monday, January 11, 2010

11 January Mission - Day 10

For today's task, you don't even have to move from the computer! Clutter can be mental as well as physical, and just seeing disorganised stuff can have a negative effect, so you'll feel better if you do this :o)

Let's start clearing the clutter on our computers!

  • back up all your files - you can store important things on services such as Google documents, if you haven't got any discs or a stick drive
  • delete files you no longer use, now that they are safely backed up.
  • organise things into folders so that "My Documents" isn't just a dumping ground - and rename files if you have to open them to check the contents ... I'm particularly bad with photos!
  • files and applications on your desktop - do you use these regularly? And do you still ike your desktop photo? Ditch and change, were necessary.
  • organise "My Favourites" or your bookmarks into subject - and ditch those you no longer look at regularly
  • Yahoo or MSN groups - which ones do you still read and enjoy? Consider leaving those you've been "no mail" on for a while, or go "no mail" on those you are no longer enjoying
  • friends on LJ and Facebook etc - do you need to know everything absolutely everybody gets up to? Do you participate in all those groups and communities you've signed up to? What about those odd applications on Facebook - how often will you throw a penguin at someone? :o)
  • email. Go on, work your way through your inbox - if necessary, make little subfolders in your inbox to file emails you are not replying to immediately. Delete old group emails - will they still be relevant now that a week/fortnight/month has passed?
  • when you've done all this, don't forget to check that your anti-virus protection is up to date! If you haven't already got a firewall or pop up blocker , you might like to consider installing one.
  • and finally - give your computer a defrag, especially if you've freed up a lot of memory.

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  1. I just had my computer reinstalled, it's great to have it clutter free, it amazes me how untidy it can get!


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