Thursday, January 14, 2010

14 January Mission - Day 13

I always seem to be carrying a lot of mental clutter - all those thoughts about ' I should be' or 'I need to' - and then they get shoved to one side because something urgent comes in.

One of the things that adds to my mental clutter is thinking about my basic health. The routine maintenance stuff. I wanted to tick some of these off, and thought the list might help others too:

Other things you might want to do:
  • If you haven't got one, put together a First Aid Kit for the car and/or kitchen
  • Check over any regular prescriptions - do you still need the medications? If get more than 15 items a year, and live in the UK, don't forget the Prescription PrePayment Certificate - it's not well publicised, but it saves loads of money.
  • When did you last have a tetanus or polio booster? They need repeating every ten years. Book one if needed.
  • When did you last have a smear test? They should be repeated every three years. Book one if needed.
  • Check to see if your GP practice is offering flu jabs - mine is now offering them to anyone who asks, as they've done their priority patients.
  • Book an appointment with your dentist. You should have a check up annually.
  • Book an appointment to have your eyes tested, especially if you drive, or use computers frequently. You should have a check up every two years, more often if you have diabetes or there's a history of glaucoma in the family. If you wear contact lenses, you should also have an annual checkup.
Let us know how you get on with the challenge!

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