Sunday, January 3, 2010

3 January Mission (Day 2)

Today's mission is another preparatory one.

Every item that you touch needs to have a decision made about it:
  • to keep (for now)
  • to giveaway
  • to throw away

That last one is why the bins were emptied yesterday...

Today's mission is to find two containers - one for the items you want to keep that you find but don't have space to put away in a proper home, and another for items you want to giveaway - whether that is to family, friends, on Freegle or to a charity. The containers can be anything - a  cardboard box, a bag, a plastic tub - just make sure they are clearly labelled. We will be re-visiting these boxes at the end of each month!

If you need to empty stuff out of the items you choose - that will be your first exercise in decision making ;o)

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