Monday, January 25, 2010

25 January Mission - Day 24

The other day, we went after our socks - today, it's knickers and bras!

How many pairs do you really need? What's the longest holiday you take? Count the number of days, then add a couple of pairs either side for the days before and after and see if that reduces the pile :o)

Do try and get rid of the holey ones, the grubby ones, the uncomfortable "every other pair is in the laundry" ones, the ones with sagging elastic, the ones your mother would have hated you to be wearing if you were knocked down by a bus... LOL

Ladies, you can do the same with your bras :o)

The bonus challenge after completing this is (for the ladies, again) to get yourself fitted properly for a bra, with a reliable fitter. I'm lucky in that I have an independent lingerie shop 2 minutes away, and the fitters are excellent. Wearing the right size bra took off 7 pounds from my appearance, and boosted my confidence no end (as well as boosting my assets!). When you know your proper size, come back and finishing decluttering your drawer of all the wrong size bras!

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