Saturday, January 9, 2010

9 January Mission - Day 8

Another kitchen challenge today - the fridge!

The festivities are long over, so now is the time to re-claim the fridge! Leftovers are probably a tad past their best...

I like going through foods when the year changes, as it makes working out the best before date so much easier :o) -  before my partner came along, I was worse than I am now, and even today, I confidently expect to find half finished jars that should have been thrown out in the summer...

I'm going to also (gasp horror) throw things out that are in date, but that we just don't fancy any more - the tomato relish, and the salad dressing that was okay but not great... If it doesn't appeal, out it goes! And this is hard, as we're taught not to waste food, but at least we know not to buy whatever it was again...

This site shows some facts about how often we clean our fridges (so I am not alone...) and some useful tips for food hygiene, although I will say other sites say use warm soapy water to clean the fridge, so that items don't pick up a "taint".

Let us know how you get on!

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