Tuesday, January 5, 2010

5 January Mission (Day 4)

Christmas decorations need to be down by Twelfth Night - that's tomorrow!

The mission today is to start with the cards - as you take them down, make a list of who you've received them from, and if anyone has put in a change of address, note that down too... I keep my list on an Excel spreadsheet, it's a job I do with a cup of tea. While I'm at it, I write thank you notes too, if I haven't already done so - saves me feeling guilty later!

Several supermarkets are offering to recycle cards and will make a donation to charity for them, or you can add them to the general recycling. Unless you are very disciplined and *will* use them, don't be tempted to save them for craft projects, shopping lists and the like - it's just clutter!

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