Thursday, January 21, 2010

21 January Mission - Day 20

I hope you're not driving around with as much stuff as this guy :o)

Today's challenge is to declutter your car! Get rid of all the trash you have in there - on the floor, in the glove box, in the boot (trunk for our transatlantic friends!). Look at any mascots or doodads you have - do you really need them? Do you even see them these days? Do you have a "baby on board" sticker when your kid is old enough to order a drink in a bar? What about tapes and CDs - are they laying around unorganised? Are any maps you carry reasonably up to date (ie published this century?). Is your side window covered in car park tickets?

As a bonus, you might also want to:
  • check the oil and water levels, and the screen wash
  • add antifreeze
  • check the tyre pressure (properly inflated tyres reduce fuel consumption)
  • fill up on fuel while you're not in a rush to go anywhere
  • check the safety/seasonal equipment - first aid kit, red triangle, shovel, blanket etc

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