Friday, January 8, 2010

8 January Mission - Day 7

My mum has four cookbooks, plus a notebook she writes recipes in. The ones she has are stained, creased - used! Most of mine are pristine.

Questions to ask yourself when considering your cookbooks:
  • Have I ever cooked anything out of this? Are you likely to? Be realistic!
  • Have I cooked more than four or five recipes from this book?
  • Did I actually like what I cooked from this?
  • Have my tastes changed? There's fashions in foods as well as everything else.
  • Does this book represent what I want to be, rather than what I am? (I'm thinking of all those diet and detox books...)
  • Does the book represent someone you were, rather than who you are now? (Meaty cookbooks when you're vegi, for example).
There are many ways to pass on your no longer needed books:
- and don't forget your local charity shops

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