Saturday, January 23, 2010

23 January Mission - Day 22

If you've done one of the previous challenges, your computer should be looking pretty tidy, and backed up.

But, what about externally? I'm not just talking about your desk (I'm saving that for another day...) but do you have a box (or several) with various computer bits in? I'm talking cables for printers you no longer have (or even printers you no longer use!), modems, speakers, dead mice (of the electronic kind...), boxes and packaging for bits of kit you got rid of, mouse mats advertising products you don't use ... etc etc etc! Games consoles also fall into this category, and inefficient storage systems (like floppy discs).

Go to it, and get it sorted.

Now, most charity shops won't accept electrical equipment, and you don't want to cause a pile of waste like in the picture, so try to recycle these bits where you can. If you haven't joined already, Freegle is a good place to get rid of stuff you don't need, and there are numerous projects which refurb old computers to pass onto a good cause - Mr Google is your friend :o)

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